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car costs

car running costs

When buying a car, most people focus on which makes and models might suit, the image they project and what sort of driving experience they offer. Many fewer look in detail at how much the car will actually cost to run. Yet it can vary a surprising amount, even between similar cars.

Running costs and price-per-mile tables for cars currently on the market can be found in several car magazines. But these aren't much use if you're looking at anything other than 'nearly new' cars. So make a few calls.

First see how much the insurance would cost for your car options. As well as where you live and more obvious features of a car like age and engine size, quotes are based on a variety of other factors like crash safety, security against break-ins, anti-theft devices and expense to repair. This means costs could vary by over a hundred pounds between even similar cars. So choosing with insurance costs in mind could net you a very handy saving.

Use our list of links to a range of well-known insurance providers that we've put together to get a selection of quotes.

Next call your nearest franchised dealer for the car makes you're considering and ask how much a standard service costs. You mightn't ever get one done, or at least not at a main dealer, but it'll give a useful general idea of a car's servicing costs.

Similarly, make a list of a few parts and get some prices: say, an alternator, an electric window motor, a headlight unit or a door mirror. Again, you might never need these particular bits, but comparing prices will give you an idea how costly different makes are likely to be for any repairs they may need along the way. Especially check the price of parts you probably will need while you own the car, like a new exhaust and tyres.

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