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'What reg is it?' is probably the first question anyone interested in buying a car asks about it.

For decades we've been comfortable that an 'M' reg car is newer than an 'L' reg, thanks to the familiar old system of a letter at the start - or even, before that, at the end - of a registration plate telling us the age of the car.

But since September 2001, a new car number plate format has been in operation and now a common sight on the roads.

The new system is a radical change - not only to the appearance of the plates, but also to the timing of when new plates are issued.

But a number plate isn't just a functional item telling us the age of a car. Having a recent plate is undoubtedly also a status symbol.

So what happens now ... how can you tell a car's age with the new number plate format?

This KwikGuide aims to help you get the information you need from number plates. Just choose pages of our guide using the menu bar on the left, or click below to read on.

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