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Buying a used car

where to look for your next car

So you've got yourself a shortlist of cars that would fit the bill. Now see what's around that matches your budget.

First place to check has to be your local newspaper. These often have good motoring sections with plenty of local dealer ads and some private ones too.
You'll often find ads for your local franchised dealer, if you're looking for an approved used car - or you can find their details online.

There are other some other car ad mags around, like Exchange & Mart, Loot, FreeAd and the free magazines you'll find on the forecourt of petrol stations, but they often cover a wide area so be prepared to travel to see any cars listed in these..

KwikTip: always get a car insurance quote from Direct Line too,
as they don't take part in the price comparison websites.

The internet is now the main resource for finding your next car.
By far the leading site is Auto Trader's, but there's a wide range of other sites advertising cars for sale, like eBay Motors which has classified ads. On AutoTrader you can search by postcode. A growing number of sites will even
sell you a used car direct over the net and will deliver the car to you, with a
short money-back guarantee. Though buying a car unseen can still be a risk.

We also have our own great KwikGuides Car Dealer Directory of web links to
car dealers in your area, organised by county and town. Most dealers have
their most current stock lists on their own sites first, so by going direct you
needn't worry about out-of-date newspapers, magazines or websites listing
cars long since sold.
Click here to go to our directory.

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