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The KwikGuide to selling a used car
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preparing the car
Part 2: The Sale
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selling a used car


First impressions can make or break a sale, or make a real difference to the price you get for your car at trade-in. So it's essential your car looks impressive from the first glances the buyer gets of it.

Give it a good wash including all the bits around the doors, boot and bonnet exposed when they're opened. Pay extra attention to the wheels - they can make a huge difference. If you have alloys, buy some special cleaner if necessary. If your wheel trims are scuffed or cracked, consider buying some shiny new ones. Clear out all the junk from the door pockets and vacuum the carpets. Use a seat shampoo product to scrub any stains and get an air freshener. Clear out the boot and make sure all the wheel-changing bits are there and the spare tyre is inflated.

KwikTip: always get a car insurance quote from Direct Line too,
as they don't take part in the price comparison websites.

If the MOT is about to run out, get a new one - if it's not going to cost too much to get it through. It's vital to both the price you can get and the likelihood of a sale, so almost always worth the money. Touch up any minor scratches or chips you can or use t-cut polish to remove minor scratches. But don't fix major scratches or bigger bodywork damage - you'll never get your money back. Same goes for replacing tyres past their best.

Under the bonnet, wipe any metal bits and flat surfaces of the engine you can and check the oil, water and other fluids are at the right levels.

Don't go overboard on the spruce up though, like blacking the tyres, covering the dashboard in slippery polish or getting the engine steam-cleaned. Too much obvious effort will make buyers wonder what you're trying to hide. Aim for 'cared for' not 'spivved up'.

Prepare the paperwork. Collect it all up and put your invoices in date order along with the service book and MOT certificates. Always keep your old MOT certificates to show mileage. Well ordered service records communicate that the car has been cared for.

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