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The KwikGuide to selling a used car
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Part 2: The Sale
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selling a used car

More than likely you'll be one of a number of potential sellers that a buyer is calling about their cars. So how you respond to their call is a great opportunity to mark yourself out from the crowd.

Be upbeat and friendly when you answer the phone, and of course polite - It will instill confidence and interest in your car if you sound as helpful and professional as possible.

KwikTip: always get a car insurance quote from Direct Line too,
as they don't take part in the price comparison websites.

If the buyer says "I'm calling about the car" - that standard check to see if you'll need to ask which car they mean - take your cue to confirm you're not a dealer by telling them what car it is you're selling; "sure, the Ford Focus".

Show you want to be helpful - straightaway ask what you can tell them about it. You'll put the buyer at ease and show you welcome any questions.

Don't forget to slip into the conversation that you've had plenty of interest - people always want something more if they feel others want it too. Refer to someone who's coming just before or after they want to view the car.

Be careful not to divulge when you're generally in or out of the house while arranging a time for the buyer to come and view. And if you're selling a highly desireable or expensive car, as a security precaution take the caller's name and number and phone them back on it before telling them your address. It's no guarantee, but worth doing.

Your prospective buyer will probably want to take the car for a test drive. Will your insurance cover any driver? If not, then make sure your prospective buyer is insured - ask them to bring their insurance details, if they want to drive your car. Even if they are insured to drive a car that isn't theirs, it's likely to be only third party cover. So be aware that if they cause an accident you could still find yourself out of pocket for the damage to your own car. It's a risk most take. But if you'd prefer not to, consider buying temporary 'any driver' cover while you're selling your car.

Finally, unless you're selling a particularly desireable car, ignore buyers from overseas contacting you (typically by email) offering you the asking price plus a shipping fee for you to pay to a local agent - all without even seeing the car. That 'agent' will be their partner-in-crime, who will collect the shipping fee from you before you are informed that the payment you received from the buyer has bounced.

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